Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year's Getaway

Here's to the New Year! and a hearty thank you to our children for the beginning of 2012. In April 2011, our darling, wonderful, amazing, (what other adjectives can I throw in here?) children gave Rick and I an anniversary present for our 35th anniversary. We settled on Madera Canyon for our getaway and Jan 2-4 were the days we got away. It was a wonderful break. So here's what our gift encompassed. Madera Canyon is south of Tucson in the Santa Rita Mountains. It is a birder's paradise. This is the road up to the canyon, and you can tell that the temperature is colder than home just from the snow still on the hillsides.
This is Chupasrosa Bed and Breakfast up at the top of the road in the canyon. The owners live upstairs and there are 4 suites on the ground floor. Breakfast was left in our refrigerator and Dad had all the raisin bran he wanted. Luis was one of the owners and very friendly and helpful.
The livestock was very entertaining. Unfortunately, the birds were harder to spot.
Our room was right in the corner you can see.

There was a creek next to the house with a bridge across to a patio on the other side. The dark spot is a seep on the side of the mountain. There is a connection to a trail that goes up and down the mountain from here.
A rose vine is trained over the gate. I'd love to see it in the summertime.
I love this fountain. I'd like to find a distant cousin I could put in the ivy by our front door.
On our trip down, we stopped in Tucson to see the Fremont House. Silly us. Jan 2 was a holiday. Nothing's open.

San Augustin cathedral just a few blocks over from the Fremont House. We found out later that it was part of the chain of missions that were established up out of Mexico hundreds of years ago.
Tuesday, we went to Tumacacori and Tubac. This is the garden fountain in Tumacacori.
Tumacacori mission. Somewhat different from when we were here last, 35 years ago. Doesn't seem that long. This time we could go inside the mission.
Tubac is the old presidio used to house soldiers, both Mexican and US, over the years. Part of the museum includes the old school house that was still decorated for Christmas.
We enjoyed the time away from the usual routine. We saw lots of historical stuff, took lots of pictures for future paintings, and even picked up a signed Hal Empie print. Thank you again for our wonderful getaway. We love you all!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last One

So here's the latest of the many faces of Dana. Last shot before going through the security gates at Sky Harbor. Even though it was 6 am, there's a last smile for her paparazzi mom. And so begins 18 months of growth, new things, new people and SNOW!!
She's ready to go and everything is in the bags. Well, not quite. There's still a winter coat she will need to acquire. But she does have the boots.
However, some things never change. Her first email home included a list of things she had forgotten, needed to be changed or hadn't thought of while we were in preparation mode. We're excited for her and glad to be going through this phase of parenting for the last time.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Grandchild #10 - Lucy Elinor

This is why we went to Texas. Can't think of a better reason. She's a cutie! She slept right through the whole event and looked adorable. Warning! Baby kissing ahead!

A boy and his truck. Once upon a time . . . well, just see for yourself how this works. First boy runs with truck.

The sister pushes boy in truck.

Then dad pushes boy in truck. Faster, right? It gets better.

Boy uses gravity to speed down the driveway, with dad as the backstop. What more could you ask for? The grin says it all.

Craig and Corban have created a new form of locomotion. It's a back belt carrier. Just hook in your toes and away you go! No hands needed.

We enjoyed our trip to Texas. It was great to have Rick's dad go with us. Spending time with Craig, Janessa and the kids was fun. Blessing Lucy was just neat. Everyone is doing well. Now we have some time at home before the next event Conference weekend.

Only at Disneyland

Random shots of things that could only happen with Disney . . . such as dancing gators.
And dancing dogs. I love the look on the drummer's face.

Julie Andrew's horse on the carousel.

Where else would you expect to find fairies?


How long do you think they stood there for her to take all those photos? Those are cameras on the paving in front of her, folks.

Disneyland with Grandchildren

So Katie said, "Why don't you go with us to Disneyland? We'd really like you to go with us." So . . . we went to Disneyland. During the coldest weekend ever, with snow of the mountains around the LA basin, and we had fun, rode rollercoasters, walked, put on rain ponchos, saw princesses and fairies, laughed, walked, shot aliens, rode more rollercoasters, walked, took off ponchos, saw a goat, rode boats, walked, sang songs, put up umbrellas, ate snacks, climbed a treehouse, rode another rollercoaster, walked, and had more fun. This, of course, does not describe everything we did, nor do the pictures cover everything, but they give a feel for our adventure.
Friday morning at one of the best breakfast bars I've ever seen. Only one drawback, according to Dad. There was no raisin bran.
Very first ride of the adventure. Go Space Scouts!

Dad gets into the mood in Toon Town.

Waiting for the princesses Saturday morning. Katie says the 45 minutes waiting in line was worth it. We were second. I should explain. Katie and Emma waited. The rest of us rode the Matterhorn. It was great!

Have you hugged your princess lately?

All the princesses in a row! Rachel's smile is just great!

Twirling for the fairies.

Dad's favorite part of the whole time. Holding grandchildren.

One of Jacob's highlights of the weekend. Riding behind the engine on the train. The other two were Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad, or as he called it, "the crazy train". We had a great time and were glad to see Charlie, Marilyn and the kids. We came home with lots of memories, stories and the feet were only sore for a couple of days. You'll have to ask Dana about her hat.